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The Lucky Tale

It's GOOD to be Lucky!

Lucky Labrador Surf Company originated in Saint Augustine, Florida, where it is a great place to go surfing and take your best four-legged buds to the beach. I am always stoked to find the perfect surf tee, so I decided to capture the feeling of LUCKY with my own shirts with cool artwork and show everyone a few pictures of my two very lucky labradors Jack (the yellow or white happy face) and Teddy (the charcoal smiling face). Click on the picture below to see a few of my latest designs. But, click here SHOP ALL to see my entire collection of cool Lucky shirts and accessories. I use a local screen printer for my shirts and a local printer for my laminates since I believe in buying local. And if you send me a picture of you in your Lucky Labrador shirt to I will post it on this website!

It’s the freedom of an endless beach and the open ocean. It’s the salty breeze and a wave that’s traveled across the ocean to deliver a perfect ride. It’s the four-legged buddy who’s always there for you with a wagging tail and a wet nose, no matter what. That’s what Lucky Labrador Surf Co. is all about. Come chill with us.

If so desired, any purchaser may allocate a percentage of the proceeds from their purchase to go to the charity of their choice...

A list of pet-oriented charities is below. If you do not see the one you want, you may add it in the blank form. LLSC reserves the right to decide how much will be given, post purchase. Buyer will be notified once purchase transaction has been made.

• Your Local Charity 

• Friends of Animals

• The Humane Society

• Farm Sanctuary

• World Wildlife Fund

• David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

• Oceana


  • Off the leash since 2016

Off the leash since 2016